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The Midas Awards competition is the only awards show to recognize excellence in financial marketing and advertising on a global scale, honoring the World's Best Financial Advertising™ from all over the world.

We received this recognition, for the 'Gentlemen' platform work we did for our client KB. 

More information HERE.




Celebrating Gold for a Truly Masculine Living Room (STYX) in the Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accesories category and Bronze in the Advertising Photography category in EPICA 2014!

Click for the full list of winners HERE.


Lovie Awards 2014

Amnesty International's "3 minutes are enough" was awarded a Silver in the Lovie Awards' Online Advertising: Rich Media
In recognition of the exceptional quality of the submissions received this year, the Academy has acknowledged outstanding entries in the official Shortlist. With nearly 1500 entries received from over 30 European countries, this means our work is in the top 3% of all submitted projects, demonstrating a remarkable achievement for our team.

You will find all the winners on winners.lovieawards.eu


Best Advocate Website

Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward Competition has been setting the standard of excellence for Website development. Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries.

The WebAward Competition is the premier award recognition program for Web developers and marketers worldwide.

Our work for Amnesty International, '3 minutes are enough' won the BEST ADVOCATE WEBSITE award 2014.

Congratulations to the team!


Amnesty International goes for final round!

Find DCA's shortlist here and watch "3 minutes are enough"  HAVAS' case study for Amnesty International campaign in our YOUTUBE channel.

Press Centre

Looking for the latest news?

HAVAS Worldwide Prague kicks-off a new press centre with fresh news from our clients!

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Financial Advisory: our new TVC for KB

One of the key Komerci banka's strengths is the high standard in financial advisory. This became the main topic of our new campaign, part of the successful Gentlemen series.

See for yourself how talented a banking advisor from KB is, this time personified into a detective character.

Watch the spot HERE


When incredible encounters become reality

On the occasion of opening of the first world-class wax museum in Prague we created a campaign that captures the essence of this magical place where the impossible becomes possible, where the incredible is reality.

And so those incredible meetings became reality in this campaign. We created the visuals that connect the most important figures of both past and present, whose get together would be impossible anywhere but in the Musée Grévin.


It's time for new toys

The new G2 campaign targets students, when they move on from childhood to adulthood. Our team chose an iconic toy that is to be destroyed which suggests the idea of getting new toys, more appropriate to their age.

Watch the full video HERE

Havas design+

The life beautiful

Havas brings best-in-class design to Prague!

Our new agency Havas Design+ is up and running, specialing in the full range of design services such as Brand Strategy, Design Creation, and Packaging.

For more information on our work and services, please visit us HERE


Polar Bear loves Czechs for sure!

On 24th March we launched the first part of a new TV campaign aimed at raising awareness and ecouraging waste sorting.

Eko-Kom's polar bear's embrace is the first in a planned series of videos as well as other media outlets. Check out the video on the link below and find out how the bear is doing to thank you for sorting...


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Grand Prix

Havas wins Grand Prix at Louskacek 2014

Havas Worldwide Prague won a bumper 12 awards at this year's edition of ADC's Creative Awards, with 4 Bronze, 4 Silver, 3 Gold, and the Grand Prix for their campaigns for Styx, Amnesty International, and Czech Helsinki Committee.

This year’s Grand Prix was awarded to the campaign "Bullet" (produced by Armada Films) for the Helsinki Committee, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Czechoslovak division. The campaign also won Gold in “TV/Cinema”, Gold in “Outdoor” and Bronze in the “Film” category.

The agency took the stage in the digital field with one Gold and 2 Silver awards for “3 minutes is enough” (Amnesty International) in “Digital Craft”, “Online Campaign” and “Website/Microsite” respectively, and with “Facebook HR Campaign” receiving Bronze in “Digital/Other Interactive tools”.

In print, Havas Prague picked up 2 Silver awards in the “Print” and “Craft” categories and Bronze in “Outdoor” for “A truly masculine living room” (Styx Underwear) and Bronze in “Craft/Illustration” for “Labyrinth” (Amnesty International).


KB Gentleman

To promote a truly revolutionary benefit of personal account, Komerční banka launched a new campaign with the personalisation of a gentleman.

Check our latest commercial, by clicking "see more", to witness what a generous bank KB is.

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Czech Helsinki Committee

The bullet that was never fired

The Czech Helsinki Committee wished to celebrate the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia's 20th anniversary with a communication campaign that included a short film as well as a memorial sculpture that was unveiled at the National Museum.

The concept was inspired by the bullet that was never fired during the separation of the two republics in 1992. The short movie was filmed in cooperation with Armada Films and won the Grand Prix at the ADC Creative Awards 2014.

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Amnesty International

3 minutes are enough

As part of their effort to release prisonners detained on political or religious grounds, we developed a website, with a banner, for Amnesty International for everyone to add their signature to a chain, which leads from the Czech Republic to the place of incarceration.

Once your signature is submitted, your name appears in a precise location on Google maps as the latest link in the chain. Your signature can also be shared on social media to spread the information about this project.

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Fantomas is back!

After 8 years of adaptations of French creativity, Citroen Czech Republic has produced a new campaign to support its Open Door Days event. The main hero of the campaign is Fantomas who is famous for his flying Citroen DS, which he used to escape the police. Fantomas is historicaly connected to the Citroen brand and this campaign is building on this awareness to create a catchy TV spot. Other communication channels will be online, radio, print and live appearance of Fantomas in the Citroen showrooms.

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2013 Web Award for IQ Test

Our microsite developed for Amnesty International "IQ Test" picked up a Non-Profit Standard of Excellence at the WebAwards!

To visit the microsite click here.  

To find more information about the Standard of Excellence Award visit the award page here.

Learn more about our digital capabilities. Visit our work here.


IQ TEST campaign: Lovie Awards winner!

The Lovie Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading European award honoring excellence on the Internet. 

Lovie Winners truly represent the best of the EU Web: almost 1,500 entries from over 30 European countries participated this year. 

Visit our awarded campaign, IQ TEST here: http://winners.lovieawards.eu/#!y=2013&a=120

Press Centre

Looking for the latest news?

HAVAS PR kicks-off a new press centre with fresh news from our clients!

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gold at digital communication awards

Havas wins european award for outstanding digital campaign

Hosted in Berlin, the Quadriga Digital Communication Awards are the first awards in European PR and communications that exclusively honour outstanding achievements in online communication. This year the Festival received over 600 entries.

Havas Worldwide Prague pick up gold in the Recruiting Campaign category with the campaign “Facebook Recruiting Campaign”.

Reckitt Benckiser

An online awareness campaign heavily integrated with social media

The Digital team have teamed up with Havas London to build the Worldwide Brand Me portal. Brand Me is an online community portal designed to generate awareness of the Reckitt Benckiser brand through engaging content and some basic gameplay. The Platform is comprehensively integrated with social media as a part of its strategy, and it helps the audience work out what they are doing right [or wrong] on social media. The website is to be localized in 5 languages and targeted media campaign supporting the website is already running in 12 countries.

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Gold at the ČCPR Awards

HAVAS PR wins Gold and Bronze at the ČCPR Awards for the project "Máš to za pár" for Sue Ryder

The aim of the PR campaign for Sue Ryder was to open discussion in the society and to persuade media to be engaged in seniors-related topics. 

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Gold at Cesky Direkt

Havas wins Gold at Cesky Direkt

Havas won a gold award at Cesky Direkt & Promo for the Digital Communication Campaign "IQ test"  the agency created for Amnesty International.

The campaign has been very succesful and has been awarded numerous prizes both locally and internationally. Our Digital team prepared a special on-line IQ test for Amnesty International. A test which nobody would succeed and where the answers were irrelevant. With this campaign we help Amnesty International demonstrate that a bright IQ is useless in a totalitarian regime.

If you would like to take the test, please click here.


FELIWAY Digital Experience

Feliway was given a full digital revamp with parallax experience, new website and marketing banners.
Click away to the next page for the full experience.

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Agency of the year

Agency of the year

Euro RSCG Prague placed in the Top 2 best agencies on the market for the 10th consecutive year, and was voted best agency on the market by the Top 100 clients and industry experts and journalists, according to the survey results conducted by MillwardBrown and STEM/MARK.

Louskacek 2013


Havas Worldwide Prague took the stage with 6 trophies at the 2012 Louskacek Awards, the annual creative festival organized by the Czech Art Directors Club and the Association of Communications Agencies. The agency won one Gold, one Silver and four Bronze Louskaceks, making the agency the second most awarded of the evening.

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Havas Worldwide Prague pays tribute to Czech Creativity and Design

Havas Worldwide Prague pays tribute to the Czech Creativity and Design

Bronze, silver and gold, all shiny metals, all precious, the three elements used for medals, for awards, to reward hard work, persistence, creativity, and tenacity. The design shows the metals’ malleable properties when heated, to be formed and reformed without breaking, before hardening and becoming indestructible. The cross-cut lends an anatomical aspect to the design, you see its insides, its creative guts.
Michal Fronek andJan Nemecek  are co-founding member of the renowned Czech artists‘collective Olgoj Chorchoj, whose works have been exhibited internationally. They were jointly awarded the Czech Grand Design for „Mr. Egg“ and the Grand Designer of the Year awards in 2010.

Havas Design Letters A

Havas Design Letters A


Euro RSCG gives way to Havas Worldwide, and to symbolise this rebirth, the designers used all the agency’s paper awards and burnt them to ashes. Like the mythical creature the Phoenix, Havas Worldwide rises from the ashes for another long-life cycle.

Daniel Pošta and Zdeněk Vacek have both exhibited their works internationally, and have won numerous design awards abroad and locally, including the Czech Grand Designer of the Year and Best Jewelry Designer of the Year 2011 as a team. Combining their talents, they created jewelry brand Zorya in 2011.

Havas Design Letters V

Havas Design Letters V


This design represents a labyrinth, such as the maze of the mind where knowledge, thoughts and reflection abound, where an idea is born, meanders and travels through the cortex, maturing along the way, and to finally reach its destination: a solid idea. The wood embodies hardness yet pliability and safe organic weight.

René Šulc  is a graduate of the renowned Prague Fine Arts, Architecture and Design Academy , and has worked with Belgian designer Maarten van Severen. Renéfounded Sludio Inveno in 2006, which focuses on the design of lighting, furniture and product design.

Havas Design Letters A

Havas Design Letters A


Like the glass’s transparency, our agency thrives for openness, communication and accountability. Glass is amorphous yet solid, solid yet fragile, brittle yet hard, but above all it is the most transparent of all natural materials so when the sun shines through it, the full spectrum of colours become apparent to the naked eye, like a revelation of light.

Rony Plesl’s design glasswares have known international success.  He keeps broadening his experience with workshops at La Villa Arson in Nice, Tittot in Taipei and in the studio F. Raggi and D. Pupp in Milan. He won awards such as Czech Grand Design 2011, Designer of the Year in 2007, and the Red Dot.

Havas Design Letters S

Havas Design Letters S


The design, made of various ceramics, is delicate, humourous, and draws from the past with pieces dating back to 1958 as a link to the agency’s landmark building. Κεραμικός is non-organic, non metallic, an age old craft, firmly anchored in Czech tradition. From rough early pottery to fine bone china, ceramic is constantly renewed, rethought and defies mere fashion.

Maxim Velčovský co-founded the studio Qubus design and has participated to over sixty group international exhibitions. His work has been included in the publication Twenty-First Century Design and awarded Best Work by Wallpaper. He was also awarded Designer of the Year in 2007, and was asked to collaborate on the Czech Pavilion’s installation at EXPO 2010.